Why GrowthPad Exists

And what drives us forward.

It's all about cash

GrowthPad exists to help businesses have more cash.

We help you to do this in 3 distinct ways:

  1. We help businesses manage their cash with proactive accounting services to give you financial clarity.
  2. We identify tax-saving opportunities such as R&D tax relief using our tax diagnostic methodology.
  3. We identify and integrate systems to save you time and money, whilst improving the quality and speed of reporting.

This aim of helping businesses have more cash drives our business to develop new solutions and services to help you.

Helping you with accounting and tax, no matter what

It's not just about helping our existing clients though. We want to help you, whether you're a client or not.

We share our knowledge about running a cash healthy business and share guides to making better R&D tax relief claims.

We do this to help businesses that aren't quite ready to work with us or just aren't a good fit for us.

You can start to learn without working with us by taking The Cash Booster Quiz.

Educating our clients and ourselves on everything tax and accounting

We're committed to education.

Not just education for our clients, but for us too. We're consistently upskilling ourselves, learning about accounting, tax, business and tech.

We believe learning should never stop. Even if you are an expert.

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Tehsin Khan

Tehsin Khan

The founder of GrowthPad has worked in tax since he graduated in 2008. After spotting a gap in the market
where R&D tax providers were not collaborating honestly with accountants
Tehsin started GrowthPad in 2017.
His vision is to collaborate with accountants
working alongside them and adding value to them and their clients. He has written three books with Indicator FL Memo
including a book about R&D tax relief.
Ryan Ottley

Ryan Ottley

R&D Tax Consultant
A Graduate in Engineering with experience in identifying gaps in the engineering sector where he can add value by identifying unclaimed projects and costs.
Ryan undertakes the day to day work such as report writing
preparing financial statements and amending the CT600 and tax computations.
Aaron Jack

Aaron Jack

Software Advisor
Aaron works with us to help identify the R and D on software based projects. He runs a software consultancy and has a broad understanding on what does and doesn't qualify for R and D tax relief.