We help accountants use R&D Tax Credits to retain clients and increase revenue.

We’ll help you grow your business using R&D tax relief.

£2,579 on average saving
per qualifying client

EK Accounting

£32,961 in referral fees
on avg per year



Happy clients and more profit for great accountants.

Businesses in the UK can claim a tax relief called Research & Development Tax Relief, but many aren’t aware that it exists or how it applies to their clients.

If any of your clients make an advancement in technology or science, they might be able to recoup a substantial amount of their costs.

GrowthPad help accountants and tax advisers by handling the R&D tax claim process from start to finish, leaving you with a happy client, a generous referral fee and none of the technical work.

A new revenue stream

By working with us, we will provide you with a generous referral fee.

Better client relationships

Working with GrowthPad will help your clients and build your relationship.

Greater client retention and satisfaction

Clients won’t be poached by other accountants that offer R&D Tax services and your clients will be happier.

No additional work

We allow you to benefit from offering R&D Tax services without any extra work, hassle or hiring.

What are R&D Tax credits and how can they benefit accountants?

Watch our 2 minute introduction video to quickly understand what R&D Tax Credits are.

Your qualified clients could earn you £2,000 per year.

Want to find out who qualifies?

How we work with accountants

Our simple partnership makes it easy for you to offer R&D tax services to your clients without any extra work.

Chat & Identify

An informal chat help you understand more about R&D Tax and how Growthpad can help you and your clients.

Submit Claims

We work together to help you review your client list and identify your qualifying clients.

Referral Fee

Introduce us to your clients and we start the claim process on their behalf. Taking care of the technical report and any HMRC queries.

What our clients say

Read a few of our testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already work with an R&D tax consultancy.

At GrowthPad, we want accountants to be comfortable with the R&D tax claims that are being submitted on behalf of your clients.

Once the claim is finalised, we provide you with details of the claim, including the advance in science and technology and the uncertainties faced by your client. You can keep these details in the client’s records.

In addition, we provide a referral fee of 30% for all exclusive partnerships and 20% for non-exclusive partners.

We are only a small practice.

The size of your practice has little bearing on your clients. Even if you have one client that may qualify, it is worth having a conversation with us. 

We partnered with a small practice in Yorkshire and they referred a client to us. 

The client’s first claim resulted in a tax saving of £61,975.26. This was worth £4,648.15 to the accountant in referral fees.

We have no clients that qualify.

We have heard this many times and when we have a chat with accountants, we find that they do have clients that potentially qualify.

The reason for accountants thinking their clients do not qualify is due to a lack of understanding of the definition of R&D for tax purposes.

We simplify the definition for you and provide you with a set of easy questions to help you identify whether your client qualifies.

We then have a simple quick 10 minute conversation with the client to determine whether they qualify.

We do the heavy lifting.

We have heard that R&D companies put anything through to HMRC.

Yes, we have heard this too. It is not great for our profession.

At GrowthPad, we have a thorough technical discussion with your clients prior to preparing the R&D tax claim. If we are happy that the technical information provided by your clients meets the requirements of HMRC, we will prepare the claim.

To remain accountable to you, we will provide you with a summary of the advance in science or technology and the uncertainties encountered by your client. You can keep this summary on the client’s records. 

I am too busy to deal with this.

We have heard this many times. At the end of the day, as the accountant, it is your responsibility to help your clients with their tax affairs. This doesn't mean that you have to do all the technical work, but you should be able to identify areas that your clients may require help with. 

We will help you by assisting your clients from start to finish so you do not have to worry about getting involved with the technical aspects.

You will save time, ensure your client’s tax affairs are up to date and you will earn a referral fee.

Ready to find out how much more your clients could be earning you?