Inspiring Innovators to attract freedom and happiness using R&D Tax Relief.

We’ll help you grow your business using R&D tax relief.

Improved cash flow for growing companies.

Businesses in the UK can claim a tax relief called Research & Development Tax Relief, but many aren’t aware that it exists or how it applies to their clients.

If you make an advancement in technology or science, they might be able to recoup a substantial amount of their costs.

GrowthPad helps companies by handling the R&D tax claim process from start to finish, leaving you happy, with generous tax savings and none of the technical work.

Increased cash flow

By working with us, we will help you improve your cash flow.

Pay less tax

Working with GrowthPad will help you save corporation tax.

Grow your business faster

With more cash available you can invest in new employees, more efficient equipment, or new premises to supercharge your growth.

No additional work

We allow you to benefit from offering R&D Tax services without any extra work, hassle or hiring.

You could get R&D tax savings of £64,009 per year.

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How we work with you.

Our simple partnership makes it easy for you to offer R&D tax services to your clients without any extra work.

Discovery call

We learn about your business so we can identify work that qualifies for R&D tax relief and pinpoint R&D costs.

Preparing your claim

We have a meeting to discuss your qualifying projects in more detail. We create the technical report and the financial schedules. We liaise with your accountant, saving you time.

Get the money

We file your R&D tax claim or work with your accountant so they can file it on your behalf. We liaise with HMRC and keep you updated with the progress of your R&D tax claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're already working with another vendor.

We have many clients that have jumped from our competitors to us. We are transparent with our fees and do not lock you into fixed contracts.

If you want a free audit to see if you are maximising your claim, you can book a discovery call.

I don't see the potential for ROI.

The average R&D claim is worth £13,000 per year and it takes approximately 1.5 hours of your time for your first claim.

I can get a cheaper version somewhere else.

Yes, you probably can.

There are three main types of R&D tax consultancies - do it yourself, do it for you and do it with you.

We do it for you.

We handle A to Z, from establishing whether you qualify to submitting the claim to HMRC and liaising with them.

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