Research and Development Tax Pricing

What you can expect to pay for our R&D Tax Services

How much does an R&D Claim cost?

Our fees for R&D are straightforward and transparent. We charge 25% per claim that we prepare for you.

What does the GrowthPad service include?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best R & D service in the UK. We hold technical meetings with you before to pinpoint what qualifies and maximise your claim.

After the technical meetings, we begin to prepare your claim. This includes preparing your financial report including your costs and writing a formal technical report of your research and development work.

After this, we submit your claim to HMRC and keep you informed of the updates.

The service also includes protection against HMRC queries. So if HMRC come back with questions, we deal with that for no additional costs.

Without this protection, the costs for an HMRC could go into the £10,000s.

I've been offered a better rate with another R & D tax firm

We understand there are a lot of Tax consultancies offering a range of different fees. By charging our standard rate, we can best protect you from a fraudulant claim enquiry from HMRC.

Our fee allows us to invest our time into understanding your business and your R&D works so we can prepare your bespoke claim in the right way, using our tried and tested in-house methods.

We spend a lot on research and development, do you charge a lower rate for bigger claims?

Yes. If your R&D costs are over £250,000 we'll be happy to negotiate our rate with you. Give us a call or drop us a message to discuss this in more detail.

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