Accountancy Services Pricing

What you can expect to pay with GrowthPad

How much do accountants charge? What can you expect to pay for a business of your size? Are all accountants providing the same services?

Depending on the accountancy firm, accountancy fees differ a lot.

Our fees start at £147 a month and go up depending on the size of your business and the services you need.

There are quite a few factors that go into our pricing, so here is a quick guide to explain how it all works.

Getting a quote

Following our cash diagnostic session, we'll go through your proposal live with you, meaning that you will see a breakdown of the services you will receive and exactly what these services cost.

We like our service and pricing to be fully transparent.

Bookkeeping costs

Your bookkeeping is always a factor in your accountancy fees - if you keep your receipts in a paper bag, expect to pay more. If you're very well organised, this will be cheaper because it means we will have to do less work to get the bookkeeping up to our standards.

We think bookkeeping is very important and to show that we mean this, we give a discount on your accounts preparation if we do your bookkeeping.

Another factor in bookkeeping costs is the number of transactions in your business such as revenue and expenses. The more transactions, the more work from us so the more investment from your side.


As a limited company, you are required to prepare statutory accounts and submit these to Companies House. As a director, you're also required to submit a self-assessment tax return.

Our service fully covers these submissions and there are a couple of things that can affect your accountancy pricing, such as submitting a VAT return each quarter (every 3 months). All limited companies need to submit a Confirmation Statement each year.

The below things will impact the cost of your compliance work.

Size of company (Turnover)

The turnover of your business will affect your pricing. As your business grows, your accounting and tax will become more complex and you'll invest to ensure compliance.

Compliance includes the preparation of your accounts, company tax return, self-assessment tax returns and VAT returns.

Number of Directors

Generally Directors should submit self-assessment tax returns. The more Directors your company has, the greater the investment.

Our packages include the self assessment tax return for one Director.


Payroll is simple in terms of pricing. We handle your monthly preparation and filing of the company payroll to HMRC and provide payslips to employees. We can also handle the auto-enrollment of your employees.

How many staff do you have? The more staff, the more this will cost.

How often do you want to pay your employees? You can do this weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The more regular the payments, the greater your investment.


We provide quality advisory services to help your business manage cash flow, identify money issues before they arise, mitigate personal and company taxes and take complete control of your finances.

Each advisory service is priced individually.

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