Why choose GrowthPad?

Are you an accountant?

Are your clients using the services of another firm for their R&D tax claims?

Do your clients claim R&D tax relief but you are kept in the dark of why they qualify?

Do you feel frustrated you’re not providing your clients with R&D tax relief services?

Do third parties revise your client’s CT600 and tax computations and not provide you with the updated copies?

Would you like to be able to refer your clients to someone that specialises in R&D tax relief and does not provide any other accounting services?

Someone you can work closely with and ensure both you and your client are provided with great service, without the risk of losing your client to them.

Would you like to be given a generous referral fee of 30% of the value of your client’s claim?

If so…..

You can work with my team and me to ensure your clients are provided with R&D tax services. In return,  we will provide you with a referral fee.

This referral fee covers the introduction of your client to us and it’s greater than the industry standard as I do not want you to charge your client any additional fees for the costs associated with the R&D tax claim.

My team and I will provide you and your team with the initial training on how to identify a qualifying project.

To provide you with continued education, we have a weekly R&D tax show on YouTube. This is our weekly show that will help you identify any of your clients that qualify for R&D tax relief. A monthly newsletter is issued to our partners that provides further insights into R&D tax relief.

We love educating our clients so you can provide a better service to your clients.

As we work in a partnership with you, any amended CT600 and tax computations will be sent directly to you once the claim is finalised, ensuring you have the latest submitted copies.

I love helping people and by partnering with accountants, I am able to help both accountants and their clients with R&D tax relief.

I have been told by many accountants that their clients have been approached by a third party to prepare and submit an R&D tax claim and the accountant was unaware of why the client’s project qualified.

I think this is not right and you should be kept in the loop of your client’s financial affairs.

I have worked in tax for 12 years with experience of working for the largest accountancy firms in the UK, including 3 years in Canary Wharf.

I am a tax author with 3 tax books published through an international publisher, including a book about R&D tax relief.

If you don’t have the time to help your clients now, when will you?

Our Team

Tehsin Khan


The founder of GrowthPad has worked in tax since he graduated in 2008. After spotting a gap in the market, where R&D tax providers were not collaborating honestly with accountants, Tehsin started GrowthPad in 2017.

His vision is to collaborate with accountants, working alongside them and adding value to them and their clients. He has written three books with Indicator FL Memo, including a book about R&D tax relief.

Ryan Ottley

R&D Tax Consultant

A Graduate in Engineering with experience in identifying gaps in the engineering sector where he can add value by identifying unclaimed projects and costs.

Ryan undertakes the day to day work such as report writing, preparing financial statements and amending the CT600 and tax computations.

Macaulay Shaw

Content Producer

Our most recent addition to the team. As we want to educate accountants to help them claim R&D tax relief for their clients, we need the best information to be given to accountants. This is where Macaulay steps in.

He creates our content for YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram helping to promote R&D tax relief to accountants.

Why choose GrowthPad?

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