Why choose GrowthPad?

Not just another R&D Firm.

Inspiring business owners to achieve freedom and happiness using research and development tax relief.

Research and development tax relief helps business owners improve their cash flow enabling them to hire new employees, increase marketing budgets, spend more on R&D, build systems and processes to improve profits and take home more pay. 

This in turn enables business owners to live the life they want and how they want - spending quality time with their children, going on more holidays and buying their dream home.

GrowthPad has helped UK companies to claim R&D tax relief for the last 5 years.

Our recent work includes:

  • helping a fintech skyrocket by claiming £2.7mn of R&D tax relief.
  • injecting cash into a creative agency to fast forward their recruitment drive to lessen the burden on the founders.
  • maximising R&D tax relief for a CEO so he could use the monies to form a business structure to increase business profits by 550%.

Tehsin Khan

Tehsin Khan

The founder of GrowthPad has worked in tax since he graduated in 2008. After spotting a gap in the market
where R&D tax providers were not collaborating honestly with accountants
Tehsin started GrowthPad in 2017.
His vision is to collaborate with accountants
working alongside them and adding value to them and their clients. He has written three books with Indicator FL Memo
including a book about R&D tax relief.
Ryan Ottley

Ryan Ottley

R&D Tax Consultant
A Graduate in Engineering with experience in identifying gaps in the engineering sector where he can add value by identifying unclaimed projects and costs.
Ryan undertakes the day to day work such as report writing
preparing financial statements and amending the CT600 and tax computations.
Macaulay Shaw

Macaulay Shaw

Content Producer
Our most recent addition to the team. As we want to educate accountants to help them claim R&D tax relief for their clients
we need the best information to be given to accountants. This is where Macaulay steps in.
He creates our content for YouTube
LinkedIn and Instagram helping to promote R&D tax relief to accountants.
Why choose GrowthPad?

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You have Questions? We have answers.