Working with accountants

Do you want to work with a specialist that has your and your client’s interest?

We enjoy working with accountants and we believe accountants stand side by side with their clients. 

That’s why our processes involve working closely with accountants providing education and tools to help you, help your clients.

How will we work together?

Step 1 - Contact

All about you. We learn about your business, the type of clients you work with and understand your needs in regards to R&D Tax Relief.

Step 2 - Provide you with training and review your client list to identify qualifying clients.

Training and education are at the heart of GrowthPad and we show this by providing training to you and your team. This empowers your staff to have the confidence to discuss R&D tax relief with your clients and to spot opportunities where your clients will qualify.

Step 3 – Working with your clients

Once you have introduced us to your client, we undertake due diligence to confirm your client’s eligibility, identify your client’s qualifying costs and establish how many years your client can backdate a claim.

We keep you updated with the progress of your claim and provide both you and your client with a summary of the claim to file for your records.

Step 4 – Referral Fee

We value our relationships. We therefore share the fee with you. This enables you to expand your firm’s services, whilst mitigating the risk of hiring expert staff but still getting a share of the revenue.

You grow your practice whilst your client can grow their business.

Step 5 – Continue to Identify new opportunities

We continue to work with you to help you and your clients identify new opportunities within R&D Tax Relief. We’ll keep you up to date with any changes in R&D legislation and continue to provide education to make working with us even easier.

Why choose GrowthPad?

See what sets us apart from other R&D Tax consultants.

You have Questions? We have answers.

As a business, we strive to be as transparent as possible. Our FAQs page allows you to get the answers you need before booking a call with us.