Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite ready to get in touch? Below is a list of popular questions our clients and prospective clients ask us before partnering up.

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We're already working with another vendor.

We have many clients that have jumped from our competitors to us. We are transparent with our fees and do not lock you into fixed contracts.

If you want a free audit to see if you are maximising your claim, you can book a discovery call.

We have heard that R&D companies put anything through to HMRC.

Yes, we have heard this too. It is not great for our profession.

At GrowthPad, we have a thorough technical discussion with you prior to preparing the R&D tax claim. If we are happy that the technical information meets the requirements of HMRC we will prepare the claim.

It's complicated to claim R&D tax relief.

Yes it is! And that’s why we exist. We hold your hand through the whole process.

It's just not important right now.

We appreciate that you are busy running your company. As there is a deadline to submit your R&D claim (24 months after the year end), you can not delay making a claim.

The additional cash flow can help with your marketing budgets, R&D allocation, help you hire a new team member - You can actually use the savings as you want to help with the important issues you are encountering.

We don't have any budget.

We work on a no win no fee basis so our fee comes out of your savings.

I don't want to get stuck in a contract.

We know the feeling…that is why we do not have fixed term contracts.

If you feel our service is below par…then you are free to leave.

I don't see the potential for ROI.

The average R&D claim is worth £13,000 per year and it takes approximately 1.5 hours of your time for your first claim.

Is claiming R&D tax risky?

As R&D tax relief operates within the tax system, there is an element of risk.

It’s our job to ensure your claim meets all the criteria and provides sufficient information to HMRC to help avoid enquiries.

We reduce the risk of an enquiry using our years of expertise.

I can get a cheaper version somewhere else.

Yes, you probably can.

There are three main types of R&D tax consultancies - do it yourself, do it for you and do it with you.

We do it for you.

We handle A to Z, from establishing whether you qualify to submitting the claim to HMRC and liaising with them.

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You have Questions? We have answers.

As a business, we strive to be as transparent as possible. Our FAQs page allows you to get the answers you need before booking a call with us.
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You have Questions? We have answers.