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As a business professional you may have identified clients or businesses in your network that may qualify for R&D tax credits. If you want to help them to claim R&D tax relief please contact us.

We offer great financial incentives for each qualifying referral, which is usually a percentage of our fee. We work in partnership with accountants, financial advisers and other businesses to build relationships and bring financial return to your clients.

Looking for a partner to provide R&D tax relief services? Download our introduction pack

Benefits of partnering with us

Improve revenue stream

Simple add on to your existing services with a generous commission

Easy sale

A quick conversation with your existing client will often result in a referral

Broaden your services

No need to hire new specialist staff or train existing staff

Marketing assistance

We provide white branding for marketing purposes, such as email shots and brochures


We are experts in R&D tax so you can feel comfortable that your clients will receive the maximum relief to which they are entitled

Work completed in-house

All our work is completed within the business so our excellent standard of work remains constant

Existing client base

Lots of potential referrals already exist in your current client list

Grow client list

Existing clients will tell their peers about the all round service that you offer

Client retention

Clients will not be poached by other firms that offer R&D tax services

We do the hard work

Simply introduce us to your client and we will undertake the hard work, which each referral only taking a few minutes to pass to us

Client care

We visit each client, adding a personal touch and act as an extension of your business

Partner with us

Grow your practice today

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